PDF song sheets & MP3 sample files

Click on the links below to download PDF files, MP3 audio clips and view a select few YouTube renditions. On most devices these days they should open seemlessly in your browser, but if you have problems opening the files then I recommend Adobe Acrobat PDF reader for the PDF files and VLC media player for the MP3 files.

Some browsers let you see the song sheet and listen to the audio clip simultaneously, but most don’t. If this is the case for you, then you could print the PDF before listening to the MP3, or use two different devices together. If you're on a laptop or PC (as opposed to a phone/tablet) it should be possible to view the PDF while listening to the MP3, with some jiggery-pokery.

Song title Song sheet PDF Song sample/video
A Billy of Tea PDF MP3
A Penny for the Guy PDF YouTube
A Walk Over Cowan Bridge (tune) PDF MP3
Across the Sands PDF MP3
An Eagle for an Emperor PDF MP3
An Ordinary Man PDF YouTube
Bracken PDF MP3
Bucking Brontes PDF MP3
Butler's Ale PDF MP3
Chasing Shadows Away PDF YouTube
Crossroads PDF MP3
Death and the Lady PDF MP3
Defibrillator Blues PDF MP3
Don't Forget that Once I Was Young.... PDF MP3
Don't Go Down the Pit PDF MP3
For All We Know (tune) PDF MP3
Four Thousand Miles PDF MP3
Good English Ale PDF MP3
Good Times are Here Again PDF MP3
Haig Colliery PDF MP3
Henry Every PDF MP3
Home by Christmas PDF YouTube
If I Could Be King for a Day PDF MP3
If I Were.... PDF MP3
If You Should See Some Magpies.... PDF MP3
I'll Make this Land My New Home PDF MP3
In Search of Presents Queer PDF MP3
In the Workhouse PDF MP3
John Paul Jones PDF YouTube
Keep Your Head Below the Firing Line PDF MP3
Look Who's Coming.... PDF MP3
Lucy Gray PDF MP3
Lying on the Cold Ground (tune) PDF MP3
Mardale Walls PDF MP3
Miss Brough PDF MP3
Morning, Noon and Night PDF MP3
Navvies PDF MP3
Now That I'm Old PDF MP3
Now We're Off to Sea Once More PDF MP3
Old Hobday PDF MP3
On a Flat Note (tune) PDF MP3
On the South Side of Galway Bay (tune) PDF MP3
One Can't Do It PDF YouTube
Own Thoughts from Abroad PDF MP3
Pendle Witches PDF YouTube
Penton Grove PDF MP4 video
Pink-petalled, Purple-podded, Parching Peas PDF MP3
Ploughman's Spikenard (tune) PDF MP3
Pollard and the Wild Boar PDF MP3
Putting Old Humpty Together Again (tune) PDF MP3
Ribblehead PDF MP3
Roachburn Colliery 1908 PDF MP3
Robert Ellwood PDF MP3
Semerwater PDF MP3
Shovelling Snow (tune) PDF MP3
Snow in May (tune) PDF MP3
The Auchengeich Disaster PDF MP3
The Bevin Boys PDF MP3
The Black Pea Man PDF MP3
The Brides of Enderby PDF MP3
The Convict's Lament PDF MP3
The Dark Glen PDF MP3
The Irish Deserter PDF MP3
The Iron Horse PDF MP3
The King's Shilling PDF MP3
The Last Flower (tune in D) PDF MP3
The Last Flower (tune in Eb) PDF & please visit the website MP3
The Magpie Mine PDF MP3
The Maid in The Moon PDF MP3
The Man We Loathe PDF MP3
The Martha Mine PDF MP3
The Mild Rover PDF MP3
The Old Stone Houses PDF MP3
The Peat Cutter's Song PDF MP3
The Princess Victoria PDF MP3
The Renwick Cockatrice PDF MP3
The Saddleworth Rushcart PDF MP3
The Scordale Miner PDF MP3
The Servant PDF MP3
The Verruca Song PDF MP3
The Victory Hall Tragedy PDF MP3
The Working Man PDF MP3
Trees PDF MP3
Weardale PDF MP3
We Welcome the Spring of the Year PDF MP3
We'll Meet Again (when Summer lasts the whole year through) PDF MP3
We'll Walk Down the Aisle PDF MP3
Westmorland Will PDF MP3
What a Waste PDF MP3
What Will the New Year Bring? PDF MP3
When Will This Battle Be Over? PDF YouTube
Where There's a Will There's a Kate PDF MP3
Wirksworth PDF MP3